Rear View Mirror – My Week In Review

You should probably watch this:  Flipagram – My Year In Selfies – Music: Miley Cyrus – We Can’t Stop.  It’s hilarious.

I am going to have to post this weekend wrap up very early as I am catching a flight at 7:00am EST.

I have been working in SoHo for the last two weeks and am finally going home to start work in Seattle on the 2nd. I went home early on Friday, after throwing up at work. I then also threw up in a men’s room at the Port Authority Bus Terminal. It is absolutely as gross as it sounds. It must have been something I ate because I felt mostly fine the next day. I think any more details would be over the line.

I have watched a lot of “Extreme Couponing” in the last day. I have started calling it “Tidy Hoarders” in my head. I mean, honestly, who needs 21 bottles of laundry detergent? What are they planning on happening? All of the foods that these couponers seem to go after are high fructose, high carbohydrate pre-packaged junk food on the GMO watch list. So, it is no surprise that most of them are considerably overweight. I understand wanting to save money on the grocery bill and creating a bit of surplus incase harder times are to come, but meals of Gatorade and Hungry Man Dinners are not healthy. Only one couponer even mentioned growing her own vegetables and I only saw one other buy a cantaloupe because they were $3.00 buy one, get one free, and she had a 50 cent off coupon that the store would match, so each one was 50 cents. That brings up another concern: they seem to buy things that are on sale whether they actually need them or not. One woman bought two dozen feminine pads admitting that she has had a hysterectomy and had no use for them personally. They seem incapable of passing up what appears to them as a good deal, the usefulness of the product in their lives is completely secondary. I am quite the opposite, I feel strange when I buy my vitamins online and there is a buy 2 get 1 free deal and all the sudden, I have three bottles of vitamin c in my cupboard. What is next? Collecting cats?

This week at Waldina, I celebrated the birthdays of Marlene Dietrich and Jean-Michel Basquiat and got some great advice from Diana Vreeland, Marilyn Monroe, and Charlie Chaplin in A Message For Mankind. I also chronicled my Christmas spent alone in New York City.

The Stats:

Views This Week: 219
All Time views: 99,492
This week on Wasp & Pear, I posted a cartoon about how the First Amendment was written expressly for those Duck Dynasty idiots, many vintage photos of classic Hollywood, some Instagram photos. I expressed my sadness about the closing of El Puerco Lloron in Seattle.

The Stats:

Total Posts: 1,441
Posts This Week: 34
Most Popular Post this Week: Happy Birthday Wassily Kandinsky

This week, I tweeted to my 43 followers such gems as:

@TheRealSPA:  My Year In Selfies #flipagram made with @flipagram Music: Miley Cyrus – We Can’t Stop:

@TheRealSPA:  paris syndrome:

@TheRealSPA:  There are 52 playing cards in a deck to represent the 52 weeks in a year – The four suits represent the 4 seasons.

@TheRealSPA:  Very excited that @KeithHaring retweeted me. He has always been a huge inspiration to me.

@TheRealSPA:  Cracker Barrel apologies for offending bigots and homophobes

Well, it just goes on and on like that over there at the twitter.

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