My Dad Lives in a Downtown Hotel – Not So Secret Obsession


My Dad Lives in a Downtown Hotel (28 Nov. 1973)

Based on the book by Peggy Mann.  Convinced that his parents’ separation is somehow his fault, a young boy tries to persuade his father to come home.

Stars:  Beau Bridges, Ike Eisenmann, Margaret Blye

What is not to like about Ike?  Anyone who watched After School Specials or any 70’s era Disney film knows Ike.  As a child of divorced parents and a “latch key kid,” I remember thinking that this movie-ette was not helpful or accurate.  I remember thinking that it did not really help me, even though I could tell that it was supposed to be.  But I loved it all the same.  I adored all the After School Specials.  That’s how I learned about teen prostitution, underage drinking, stealing, and Angel Dust.  No one speaks of Angel Dust anymore…  Don’t get me wrong, those shows did not make me want to do or try anything they were cautionary tales against, I just had never heard of those subjects and probably wouldn’t have for many years until I read about them in a Newsweek at the dentist’s office or something.  Plus, who is going to pass up a chance to see Jan Brady get slapped around by her pimp?  I’d like a show of hands.

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