Rear View Mirror – My Week In Review

This week, I made a blog for Rick’s art.  He tends to paint over the ones he doesn’t like, so this way, there is a record of them.  Now, he takes photos and texts me them with a description and a price.  So he is catching on quickly.  I called the blog The Art of Ricardo Romero Cortez Duque and made the blog  Please check it out.

This week, my confidence at work has improved and I have a few regulars that ask for me. It has only been two weeks, so I am still learning how to do a lot of things and wanting a lot of my work double-checked by others, but it the whole team is improving and getting into a rhythm. I am enjoying it more and more, but having a lot of work-related dreams and waking up remembering things I need to take care of first thing in the morning. I guess it is is only natural. So if you life in the Seattle area and are in the market for a suit (or just want me to repeatedly touch your shoulders while you try on blazers), come see me. My old job seems like a million years ago.

Speaking of my old job, this week, I received three text messages from three different people on different days about how the manager is on one of her bitch tirades. I am not sure why she is allowed to be so horrible to everyone there or why her boss does not do anything about it. I guess they are all very bad at their jobs? Bottom line is that customers do see her attitude and have stopped shopping.

This week, I started the process to break up with my current gym. They close too early, don’t keep it clean and well maintained, and seem overall disinterested in keeping their patrons satisfied. The quitting process requires that I mail a letter to them. They informed me of this process while I was standing in front of them at the address where the letter will be received. Could I just write it on a piece of paper and hand it to you? No, it must be mailed. So I went home and mailed a letter AND crafted a strongly-worded Yelp review. The new gym is clean, organized, staffed with very friendly and helpful people, is one floor below the store, and is owned by a great guy. I start there on Tuesday.

I’ll be honest, January birthdays are always a bit more special to me (mine is tomorrow) and that favoritism may be evident in the birthday celebrations this past week on Waldina. But it was Cary Grant’s birthday. He is my personal style icon, the man I first think of when asked if I could meet anyone living or dead, so it’s understandable. I also celebrated the birthday of the iconic style trailblazer Vidal Sassoon, the fantastically beautiful and funny Carole Lombard, the enduring diva that is Ethel Merman, the exceptionally gifted photographer Cecil Beaton, and the comic genius Charles Nelson Reilly. All of whom I gain inspiration from.

The Stats:

Hits This Week:  338
Total Hits: 100,556
Total Subscribers: 242
Most Popular Post: Happy Birthday Carole Lombard

Over on Wasp & Pear, I posted photos of historic Seattle, Hollywood, and New York City, I celebrated the art of Jean-Michel Basquiat, gave a shout out to the FLOTUS on her birthday, mourned the passing of Dave Madden (Ruben Kincaid) and Russell Johnson (the Professor), and learned that a 20 oz Vitamin Water has the same amount of sugar as 3.3 Krispy Kreme Doughnuts.

The Stats:

Posts this week: 62
Total Posts: 1,545
New Subscribers: 2
Total Subscribers: 145
Top Post: Happy Birthday Cecil beaton

This week at @TheRealSPA in the twitterverse, I tweeted the usual shit talk, x-posted the usual blog notifications, and gained a few new followers. I continue to be in a mutual admiration tweet-off with @ohMissSally, for which I have a ceramic duckling I have been meaning to mail to her. I named it “Tweet Tweetie” not fully realizing it was a duckling. Live and learn.

Tomorrow is my 44th birthday. I am working on my annual list of things I want to remember and work on to be published tomorrow. I am also working on convincing my sister to partake (and video record) us attempting to do the Edward 40 Hands drinking game. We shall see if it happens, there is a fairly large football game here today, there may not be any beer left in the stores.

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