Rear View Mirror – My Week In Review

This week, I officially joined a new gym and even worked out there. It is one floor below the store and open until 11:00 pm, so there will be no excuses as to why I cannot go to the gym after work. I also downloaded a new workout routine app, so I will be mixing up my whole gym life. I was planning on going to the old gym today, just to see if they know I dumped them, but I think I will take Dino and Paco on the longest walk of their lives.

If you posted your pleasure in Justin Bieber’s troubles, I probably blocked you this week. Not because I am a fan of his, but because I am not a fan of vicious schadenfreude.

This week, I made my first gif:

grant hepburn

This week on Waldina, I celebrated the birthdays of Paul Newman, Edith Warton, Tippi Hendren, George Burns, Porfirio Rubirosa, David Lynch, and me.

The Stats:

Views This Week:  336
All Time Views: 100,923
Total Posts: 992
Total Subscribers: 243
Top Post This Week: SPA v44.0 is Live

This week on Wasp & Pear, I posted photos of vintage Hollywood and pages from the Sears Big Book Catalog circa 1969. I celebrated the birthdays of Virginia Woolf, Federico Fellini and Somerset Maugham. I posted a photo of @OhMissSally ’s coffee cup and various Sochi Winter Olympics Boycott posters. I made a new twitter icon, and thanked everyone for all the birthday wishes.

The Stats:

Total Posts: 260 (due to 220 re-blogs of the week’s most popular post)
Total Subscribers: 150
New Subscribers This Week: 2
Most Popular Post: West Side Story: Original Broadway Cast Album – Album Cover Location

While all that was going down, over at @TheRealSpa, I tweeted a bunch of junk I found while stumbling around the internets.

The Stats:

Total Tweets: 569
Following: 268
Followers: 69

Not a lot happened over at the @TheRealSPA portion of Instagram this week, I took a photo of a huge group of creepy dolls, a screenshot of my personalized Google search page for my birthday, and a group photo of most of the people I work with.

The Stats:

Total Posts: 560
Total Followers: 128
Following: 123

Here’s where I’m @:

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