Music Friday – What Is In My Ears


I need to go to the gym.  For me, it is less about how I look and much more about how I feel when I regularly go to the gym.  My head feels clear.  Yes, I feel stronger and look a bit leaner, but mostly, my head feels clear.  You see, I have found the secret formula for not just my survival, but the key to my happiness:  regular physical activity.  I have learned little trick to make it very convenient to get regular exercise.  I belong to the gym closest to either my home or work and I keep new upbeat silly pop music on my gym playlist.  I am always looking for newness that I can run to (send any suggestions my way).  Here is a partial list of what I hope keeps me moving:

New Music Fridays!

Right now, this song is everything. If I have headphones on, this song is playing. This video is everything. One take.  Early 90’s inspired clothes and dance moves.  Kiesza “Hideaway”

If you want to go deep, she has an acoustic cover of Haddaway’s “What is Love?” out there.

This song and video just makes me feel good. I can’t wait for summer.  Duke Dumont “I Got U”

I can’t lie. I have been wearing out Kylie Minogue’s new album. It is exactly what we need: fun pop music.  Kylie Minogue “I Was Gonna Cancel”

Long weekends, late nights, fun parties.  Kylie Minogue “Into The Blue”

It came from here, 20 years ago this year.  Beastie Boys “Sabogage”

This is my secret personal anthem when I am sitting on the train surrounded by business people and tourists with their rolling suitcases.  It’s true.  I am not their kind of people.  Garbage “We Are Not Your Kind Of People”

What are you listening to right now?  What is inspiring you to get up and move?  Le me know.  Tel me all about it.

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