Rear View Mirror – My Week In Review

This weeks Instagrams from @TheRealSPA
This weeks Instagrams from @TheRealSPA

I only posted two photos this week on the @TheRealSPA portion of Instagram.  One is a #hashtag because that’s how you get followers and the other is a unfiltered photo of the cloud that was my excuse for laziness.

The Stats:

Total Posts: 586
Total Followers: 119
Total Following: 122

This week on Waldina, I confessed my obsession for the 70’s TV show “Columbo”, I listed what I am listening to while at the gym or on the train, I celebrated the birthdays of Harvey Milk, Jimmy Stewart, Cher and Grace Jones, Nora Ephron.

The Stats:

Views This Week: 457
Total All Time Views: 114,061
Total Subscribers: 302
Most Popular Post This Week: Happy Birthday Cher

This week over on Wasp & Pear on Tumblr, I posted photography of vintage 50’s fashion, abandoned places, classic Hollywood, old New York City street views, historic Seattle architecture. I also posted beautiful books covers created from The Smiths lyrics and video biographies of William Randolf Hearst. I posted an alternative movie poster for the film Harold and Maude, The Party and A Single Man.

The Stats:

New Posts This Week: 93
Total Post: 2,295
Total Subscribers: 173
New Subscribers This Week: 3
Most Popular Post This Week: Happy Birthday Jimmy Stewart

This week at @TheRealSPA on Twitter, I created an auto-promote rule that sends out a tweet every time I get a new follower, inviting others to follow them. It may backfire, it may be clogged with porn-bos, only time will tell. I also unfollowed a lot of people/things that were not following me back. I feel that when twitter is unmanaged, it can be an opt-in agreement to marketing by various people/things. And that makes it boring.

The Stats:

Total Tweets: 254 (old tweets automatically deleted)
Total Followers: 133
Total Following: 155

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