Rear View Mirror – My Week In Review

This week I quit my job. Well, I put in my notice. It felt great. The primary reason is because my work/life balance has been off and I haven’t been able to do anything that I want to do outside of work. I have been so focused on the needs of the store, I have put everything I like to do aside. I could feel myself getting angrier and angrier, grown more resentful of the company. I could feel myself turning into all those unhappy managers we have all experienced. By the time I finally put in my notice, the numerous secondary reasons of why I was looking for another job were just that: secondary. The main reason, my out of balance life, would not change even if they started giving me a manager’s wage, started communicating respectfully, started being supportive, and started providing mentorship and creating a community amongst managers. The bottom line was that the job did not allow for a work/life balance and no amount of money would be able to change that fact.

If anything, it was a lesson to me about my price. I guess this is not something that anyone really learns until they are confronted with it. How much money would someone have to pay me to be unhappy? My answer is I don’t have a price. If I am coming off as ethically superior, I don’t mean to. I am also quitting to take a job at Tiffany & Co. where I have the potential of making a lot more money. But the balance of my life will be restored. I will be going to the gym on a regular basis, working only 8 hour shifts, and getting two full days off a week. My resorted balance will improve my work performance and lead to my and the store’s success. I guess it is the difference of what a 170+ year old company knows and what a 3 year old company has yet to learn.

This week on Waldina, I celebrated the birthdays of the insightfully talented film director Billy Wilder, the beautiful and stylish Wallis Simpson, the hauntingly skilled actress/activist/model Isabella Rossellini, the powerfully moving composer Stravinsky, the tragic and mysterious Anastasia Romanova, and added the Hitchcock classic The Birds to the Required Viewing film series.

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This week on Wasp & Pear on Tumblr, I posted more classic Hollywood photos, vintage Seattle, New York City, and Los Angeles photos, photos of abandoned places, beautiful photos of alternative movie posters, inspirational music videos, photos of The Smiths songs made into book covers, the obituary of Ultra Violet, photos of Richard Diebenkorn and Slim Aarons’ art, this quote by F. Scott Fitzgerald:

“Vitality shows not only in the ability to persist but the ability to start over.”

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Total Posts This Week: 126
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This week at @TheRealSPA on Twitter, I tweeted “This taco truck is crowded” on June 20th.

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