Onward and Upward – My Last Day

A Time to Dance - Hearts and Laserbeams

Today was my last day at Suit Supply.  T.G.I.M.F.F.  You know they won’t let their employees us the #suitsupply hashtag on social media platforms?  They want to “control the image” of the company.  That’s fine.  Their ex-employees can do what they want.

Quitting is the best thing you can do for yourself sometimes.  If you feel that there is no way the changes you want will be possible, you need to find something else.  It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to have the option of being better.  You do not have the power to change the structure and tone of a company, if it does not agree with you, you need to move on.  You should never love a company because it does not possess the ability to love you back.

I quit primarily because my life was exceptionally out of balance.  I wasn’t able to go to the gym regularly (I have only been six or so times in the last six months) and my days off were spent recuperating from the work week.  The Secondary reasons why I quit are my frustrations of working with an incompetent, dismissive and dysfunctional corporate structure.  Most of the employees higher than the store level are exceptionally rude and just not good at their jobs.  When you are told by the COO that if you don’t get what you need from the buyers, it is your responsibility to continually bother them until they do their jobs, there is a problem with responsibility.  I don’t think pestering someone to do their job is an acceptable form of business.  That, and while I was managing the employees and store and responsible for everything that happened in the store for months and months, they never made it official.  I was getting paid a sales associate wage, but too busy to make commission.  My only bonus was the 10-12 hours of weekly overtime I was being paid.

I would like to share a couple articles that I have recently read:

You have probably heard before that most people do not quit their jobs, they quit their boss.  It makes sense.  That is absolutely 100% the reason I left Gucci.  It’s the reason everyone leaves that store.  It is one of the main reasons I am leaving Suit Supply (not my boss specifically, but the corporate structure and attitude of how they treat people in the stores).  Here is some help I wish the right people would read, I know they won’t, but I wish they would:
12 Personality Traits Of A Great Boss


And for my coworkers and anyone else wanting to make a change, I found the 10 Free Apps You Need For Effective Job Hunting.  Download them now.  Make that technology work for you.  Now that you have all the apps at your fingertips, you need to market yourself.  Read How To Supercharge Your LinkedIn Profile In 15 Minutes and follow the instructions.  Read What Recruiters Pay Attention To For Your LinkedIn And Online Profile and see what tweaks you can make to your profile to be noticed.  You don’t have to believe me that it is time to quit, read 9 Signs It’s Time to Quit Your Job and decide for yourself.




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