Rear View Mirror – Week In Review

It is no secret that I am obsessed with polaroids.  I have four Polaroid Land Camera SX-70s in a drawer in my bedside table, but no film.  I hear there is a place in town, but still…

I have collected all my photos with ‘polaroid’ in the file name into one giant collection, here is what I have:

I may make the Warhol mosaic my new header for various social media things…

The Wiki:

Land cameras are instant cameras with self-developing film named after their inventor,Edwin Land, manufactured by Polaroid between the years of 1947 and 1983. Though Polaroid continued producing instant cameras after 1983, the name ‘Land’ was dropped from the camera name since Edwin Land retired in 1982. The first commercially available model was the Polaroid Land Camera Model 95, which produced prints in about 1 minute, and was first sold to the public in November, 1948.

The SX-70 is a folding single lens reflex Land camera which was produced by thePolaroid Corporation from 1972-1981.

The SX-70 included many sophisticated design elements. A collapsible SLR required a complex light path for the viewfinder, with three mirrors (including one Fresnel reflector) of unusual, aspheric shapes set at odd angles to create an erect image on the film and an erect aerial image for the viewfinder.[3] Many mechanical parts were precision plastic moldings. The body was glass-filled polysulfone, a very rigid plastic which could be plated with genuine copper-nickel-chromium. Models 2 & 3 used the less expensive and more-easily cracked ABS in either Ebony or Ivory color. The film pack contained a flat, 6-volt “PolaPulse” battery to power the camera electronics, drive motor and flash. The original flash system, a disposable “Flash Bar” of 10 bulbs from General Electric, used logic circuits to detect and fire the next unused flash.

This week, on Waldina, I celebrated the birthdays of Chuck Close, Eva Marie Saint, Twyla Tharp, Peg Entwistle, Olivia de Havilland and America of course. It was a good weekend for birthdays. I have attempted to organize the birthdays in my calendar to maximize the actual date. For instance, tomorrow will is a popular day and I am also booked all week with other birthdays, so there will be four posts tomorrow.

The Stats:

Views This Week: 336
Total views: 116,865
Total Subscribers: 317
Most Popular Post This Week: Happy Birthday Olivia de Havilland

Over on Wasp & Pear on Tumblr, I posted photos of very graphic vintage Soviet posters, your standard creepy vintage photos, my absolutely embarrassing reaction to bright light in a Photo Booth (I have no narcissism left), a photo of the simply beautiful Myrna Loy, some clips of early 1970’s TV commercials, some Schoolhouse Rock videos, a couple posters of the great work those guys over at Holstee are creating, very strange bootleg movie posters, vintage photos of Seattle, Hollywood and New York City, celebrated the birthdays of the Sony Walkman and the Zip Code and this video of a drag queen putting a pride parade protester in his palce:

#DaytimeDrag #ServingItUp

The Stats:

Posts This Week: 48
Total Posts: 2,528
Total Subscribers: 180
Most Popular Post: Diane Ladd – Style Icon

Meanwhile, I was tweeting via @TheRealSPA such inspirational and thought-provoking things like:

There are far too many choices when it comes to yogurt.

I stand behind that tweet. I see the people standing in that aisle, lost in analysis-paralysis because they have created something called Creme Brulee Mochaccino Greek yogurt. If this was the Soviet Union it would be “Greek what? Mocha who? You get stale bread.”  The simpler times…

The Stats:

Total Tweets: 270 (scrubbed every 31 days to preserve freshness)
Total Following: 255
Total Followers: 183

I have started putting things on Google+ and LinkedIn to see what would happen, sort of like an experiment. The results are in: nothing. Nothing happened.

come find me, i’m @:

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