Rear View Mirror – My Week In Review

I need a new profile pic, I would set myself a goal of getting a new one today, but that seems like too much pressure for a Sunday.  Other stuff that falls under “News of Me” would be that I got up every day this week at 6:30 am and went to the gym.  I started slowly with only cardio and light weights, but next week I will be full speed.  That job at #SuitSupply really took everything from me.  For the first six months of this year, I went to the gym probably four times.  I was just always tired.  My life balance is back and I can already feel an improvement in my mental state.  The new gym is only about two miles from home, locally owned and exactly the sort of motivation I needed.


I rarely comment on posts anymore and I never read on other posts. I mostly leave helpful tips for other bloggers to get more traffic. Every once in a while, I tweet something with a hashtag that gets the internet trolls to lick the Dorito dust off their fingertips and go on the attack. I don’t mind that much, they don’t want to have a dialogue, they just call me a retarded fag communist (I’ve been called worse in Junior High). I will remark that I understand they only want to name call and not have a conversation and they just leave me alone. Or a quick block on them ends it if they continue to name call. No big deal. On Facebook, if there is a post I disagree with whole-heartedly, I usually do not even comment, I just unfriend. Mad Cobra via Robyn has given me that philosophy when it comes to Facebook: “I press trigger, I don’t press people button.” I don’t start something, I end something. Okay? Facebook isn’t real, those people may coincidentally also be real friends, but just because you knew them in high school, you do not owe them anything. My new problem is the comment commenters. They are usually friends of your Facebook friends (strangers to you) that don’t like your comment, so they go on attack. These people also do not care to have a dialogue. Since it so rarely happens (I have trimmed up my Facebook friends list to like-minded and/or respectful people), I am always caught a bit off guard that a stranger is finding it necessary to attack me on someone else’s page. I have a rule: If the mutual friend does not step in to mediate, I delete all my comments, unfriend the mutual friend, and inform them my actions are in result of their inability to moderate their page satisfactorily. In all fairness, it is usually people that I should have unfriended or never friended, our lives and views on a lot of things are very different. #HobbyLobby #2ndAmendment #NRA #Hilary2016

This week on Waldina, I celebrated the birthdays of Pablo Neruda, Louis B. Mayer, Milton Berle, Van Cliburn, Brett Somers, Fred Gwynne, Camille Pissarro, David Hockney, Anjelica Huston, Marc Chagall, Gustav Mahler, Shelley Duvall and George Cukor.

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Total Posts: 1,186
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Most Popular Post This Week: Happy Birthday Camille Pissarro

This week on Wasp & Pear, I posted Kai and Heather’s book review vlog of “The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore.” A librarian (who just so happens to also be the non-relative I have known the longest) and her daughters read and review books. It is great for parents with kids, but also just great to see kids that are excited about reading. You should follow/subscribe to all of them over at, links to their various internet places can be found there.

I went on to post photos of abandoned places; vintage Seattle, New York City and Hollywood; and the like.

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Total Posts: 2,567
Posts This Week: 69
Total Followers: 182
Most Popular Post This Week: Ross Shire Hotel

Over on my little corner of Twitter @TheRealSPA, I tweeted:

Anyone wanting to turn away children based of what side of the line on a map they were born must IMMEDIATELY stop self-identifying as Xtian.


O-P-U-L-E-N-C-E: You Own Everything!


Why such involved coffee orders?

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