Rear View Mirror – My Week In Review

Sometimes, I just go into my ever-growing blog photo files and type in the date and see what comes up.  I almost exclusively do that when posting the daily picture to the Big Inflatable Crayon facebook group.  I like the randomness of it, of not everything being thought out and in my control.  Here is what we get for the 14th:

Here is what happened this week out in the world:

Kanye West urges wheelchair-bound fan to stand…  U.S. government threatened to fineYahoo $250,000 a day if it failed to turn over customer data to intelligence agencies … Vancouverfails to appreciate naked, erect Satan sculpture … Michigan pranksters face prosecution for using weed killer to depict male genitalia on a high school’s football field … Pia Zadora is seriously injured in golf cart accident … US Rep. Mark Sanford (R-South Carolina) breaks up with “Appalachian trail” mistress in an epic Facebook rant … Every U.S. President in the past quarter-century has gone on television during prime time to announce the bombing of Iraq …  Family of former Gov.Sarah Palin (R-Alaska) involved in party brawl …  US Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) gets booed by ChristiansBurger King offers a blackcheeseburger, but only in JapanFloyd Mayweather, Jr. thinks National Football League‘s penalty for wife-beating player is too harsh …  Cop says National Football League has had video of wife-beating player formonths … Former FBI Director Louis Freeh forced three cars off the road before driving his SUV into a treePennsylvania teenager is prosecuted for prank photo with statue of JesusPrice Waterhouse Coopers crunches the numbers and concludes that we’re approaching a climate change disaster …  Mike Tyson doesn’t want to talk about his conviction for rape …  National Football League never asked to see video of Ravens player beating the hell out of his fiancée …  NCAA to Penn State: All is forgiven for Jerry Sandusky‘s child molesting …  Should reporters explain that Karl Rove‘s campaign ads are lies, or does it go without saying? …

No, it’s not all great stuff, but it is what happened.

This week, youtube thought I would like to view a video of a man creeping around Grey Gardens:

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