Journal Entry August 10, 1989

journal cover 2

This journal entry starts on an earlier page and continues through to the next page, I just scanned the middle because the penmanship is more important than every single word.  The ‘take away’ from this entry is:  Kids, Don’t Do Drugs [and then attend family gatherings].  There is a new tab at the top of Waldina called The Diaries, I will be updating the links every time I post a new one there.

journal 8.10.89


When I was walking back from M-5 last night, I got something all over the front of me. It looked like blood. It smelled like chocolate. I must have gotten it from the tree I ran into. Sick!

After dinner, I went to M-5 because Steve got some pot. It’s really good. I had three hits and now I’m totally fucked up and I have to be at work. I went to visit my relatives at the Chapel and I think they could see my veins pumping the blood through my body through my skin so I hurried that reunion along. I didn’t want to gross them out. But still, now I’m at work and really quite scared and Aunt Carolyn is here and who knows who else.

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