Get Out And Vote!

Before you vote in Washington State, please know our state is still in contempt of court because our elected leaders in Olympia are somehow capable of hustling through nearly $9 billion in tax breaks for Boeing in a span of three days—as they did in the winter of 2013—but incapable of finding a few billion dollars for basic education nearly three years after the supreme court instructed them to. Please keep that in mind when considering a vote for anyone that currently holds a state office.

This is a special shout out to the citizens of Washington State’s 26th District: Vote for Judy Arbogast. She is a highly-educated educator. She has your children in mind. She is an Olalla girl. She is the newness that the district needs. She is the right side of history that the district deserves. The district needs a new start, a clean break from the failures of the past.

Her opponent is has a lot of banking background (you may remember banks as the ones that broke the world’s economy). She lists one of her civic involvements as being an NRA member (clearly pandering to the ‘bubba vote’). She has voted to restrict women’s health care choices, she voted against marriage equality and she voted against funding the states public education properly. Most of her campaign donations are from out of state tobacco, oil and coal corporations, the Koch brothers and CashAmerica (the predatory payday loan business) even gave her and the PACs that support her $4,400. A vote for Jan Angel is a vote for the wrong side of history and the district has been on that side for far too long.


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