Rear View Mirror – My Week In Review

Recently, one of my cousins mentioned how he missed the Week In Review posts I used to do on Sundays. Honestly, I only really stopped because I started working most Sundays and they take a bit of time to pull all the statistics and such. No other reason. So, I carved out some time and wrote most of this last night.

By far, the best birthday gift I received this week was the new Sleater-Kinney album being released, on my birthday no less! I have been listening to it daily and am still loving it. It is not at all like a reunion album, it is more like the evolution of a band ten years after their last album. It is really great, I guess everyone thinks so, the internets are full of articles about it.

This week, a woman rolled down her window to tell us that she thought we were walking a cat at first. Scraps was not at all amused. Several groups of people had also expressed how cute he was not five minuter earlier while we were sitting outside PCC, so he knew that woman was blind and/or just basic.

I have three cards I need to mail to someone. They are super cute and inspirational. First three addresses sent to: Make it happen.

This week on Waldina I celebrated a gang of birthdays and even my very own: Edith Warton, Porfirio Rubirosa , George Balanchine , Malcolm McLaren, Cristóbal Balenciaga, Jeff Koons, Christian Dior, David Lynch, Barbara Stanwyck, George Burns, Federico Fellini, Edgar Allan Poe, Tippi Hendren, Cary Grant and Vidal Sassoon. I also confessed my obsession with the 1984 film Night of the Comet.

The Stats:

Views This Week: 1,882
All Time Views: 157,201
Most Popular Post This Week: S.P.A. v45.0 Launch is Live
Second Most Popular Post This Week: Karl Lagerfeld – Humanity’s Antagonis
Total Posts: 1,428
Total Subscribers: 377

This Week on Wasp & Pear on Tumblr, I focused a lot on artists and original art. Aside from the Haring/Warhol/Basquiat/Fitzgerald stables, I also posted every Sleater-Kinney article I read. I also found some really amazing archival photographs of crime scenes, they are not gruesome, there is just a body in the lower portion of the picture, he could just be a heavy sleeper. I also posted some photos of beautiful house exteriors and interiors. I posted this long explanation as to why we should stop drinking bottled water.

The Stats:

Posts This Week: 66
Total Posts: 3,818
Total Subscribers: 286

This week over on the @TheRealSPA corner of the twitterers, I added my tumbler feed to auto-tweet any photo posted with the #DailyInspiration hashtag. Also, the @KeithHaring Foundation retweeted one of my tweets and the supermodel Niki Taylor started following me. I am not sure why, I should thank her.

The Stats:

Total Tweets (auto-deleted after 30 days): 460
Total Following: 561
Total Followers: 443

Over on @TheRealSPA on Instagram, I took my new profile pic, a pic of Sriracha Popcorn, a pic of my new tattoo, and a movie of my blinking birthday lights. I also recently started adding photos of the birthday profiles from Waldina and including a short paragraph about them. I like the variety it adds to my feed, I know it’s not selfies and food, but that area has been done.

The Stats:

Total Posts: 333
Total Followers: 167
Total Following: 235

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