Madame Sin – Not So Secret Obsession

If you have a chance, you should really rent the movie “Madame Sin.” If for only because Bette Davis is serving up crazy paint-by-number face. IMDB describes it as “Bette Davis is Madame Sin, a sinister-looking, totally evil, half-Chinese woman who indulges in endless machinations. Ensocnced in a Scottish castle that is packed with an array of spy gadgetry, she runs afoul with counter spy, American CIA agent Anthony Lawrence (Robert Wagner), who is out to counter her plot to hijack the secret nuclear weapon Polaris submarine.” I totally didn’t pick up on her being half-Chinese, just real bossy.

I have checked Hulu, NetFlix and Amazon Prime (it is only for sale as a DVD) to see if Madame Sin is available, it isn’t.  How annoying.  You will have to rent a copy somewhere.  I’m sorry.  It’s a lot like that horrible Elizabeth Taylor movie called “Boom!”  I had to track down a VHS copy when I wanted to see it.  It could also be possible to type “Watch Madame Sin Online” into a search engine and some options may pop up, how legal they are is your decision.

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