Happy 95th Birthday Montgomery Clift

Today is Montgomery Clift’s 95th birthday.  His life seemed to be full of super highs and super lows and I think that makes the best life story.  It makes me root for them (even if I know the outcome) and love their humanity, vulnerability, and fragility.  Plus, his best friend was Elizabeth Taylor, the 1950’s Elizabeth Taylor at that.  Have you seen A Place in the Sun or Misfits lately?  Have you seen them ever?  They both have ridiculously talented casts that make them more than worthwhile to watch.  The world is a better place because he was in it and still feels the loss that he has left.

NAME: Edward Montgomery Clift
BIRTH DATE: October 17, 1920
DEATH DATE: July 23, 1966
PLACE OF BIRTH: Omaha, Nebraska
PLACE OF DEATH: New York, New York

BEST KNOWN FOR: Actor Montgomery Clift starred in films like Red River (1948), A Place in the Sun (1951), and From Here To Eternity (1953).

Edward Montgomery Clift (October 17, 1920 – July 23, 1966) was an American film and stage actor. The New York Times’ obituary noted his portrayal of “moody, sensitive young men”.

He invariably played outsiders, often “victim-heroes,” – examples include the social climber in George Stevens’s A Place in the Sun, the anguished Catholic priest in Hitchcock’s I Confess, the doomed regular soldier Robert E. Lee Prewitt in Fred Zinnemann‘s From Here to Eternity, and the Jewish GI bullied by antisemites in Edward Dmytryk’s The Young Lions. Later, after a disfiguring car crash in 1956, and alcohol and prescription drug abuse, he became erratic. Nevertheless important roles were still his, including “the reckless, alcoholic, mother-fixated rodeo performer in Huston’s The Misfits, the title role in Huston’s Freud, and the concentration camp victim in Stanley Kramer‘s Judgment at Nuremberg.

Clift received four Academy Award nominations during his career, three for Best Actor and one for Best Supporting Actor.

The Defector (20-Oct-1966) · Prof. James Bower
Freud (12-Dec-1962)
Judgment at Nuremberg (14-Dec-1961) · Rudolph Petersen
The Misfits (1-Feb-1961) · Perce Howland
Wild River (26-Mar-1960) · Chuck Glover
Suddenly, Last Summer (22-Dec-1959) · Dr. Cukrowicz
The Young Lions (2-Apr-1958)
Lonelyhearts (1958)
Raintree County (4-Oct-1957) · John Shawnessy
From Here to Eternity (5-Aug-1953) · Robert E. Lee Prewitt
Station Terminus (2-Apr-1953) · Giovanni Doria
I Confess (22-Mar-1953) · Fr. Michael Logan
A Place in the Sun (28-Aug-1951) · George Eastman
The Big Lift (26-Apr-1950) · Sgt. Danny MacCullough
The Heiress (6-Oct-1949) · Morris Townsend
Red River (1-Sep-1948) · Matthew Garth
The Search (26-Mar-1948) · Ralph Stevenson


  1. Love Clift as I sit here on what would have been his 96th birthday. 45 is too young to pass so much more to do. I always wonder what was missed, always wonder if that academy award was in his grasp. I hoped that he knew what he did in his short career and the integrity he portrayed affected thousands and thousands of people,affected me. I hope that was enough for him though I feel otherwise.


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