G is for Giant, Garbo, Gershwin, Grant, The Go Go’s and Gable #atozchallenge

G is for Google.

ira gershwin

“I got rhythm,
I got music,
I got my man-
Who can ask for anything more?”

Ira Gershwin [1896-1983] Girl Crazy [1930] I Got Rhythm

George Gershwin wrote most of his vocal and theatrical works, including more than a dozen Broadway shows and several films in collaboration with his elder brother, lyricist Ira Gershwin. George’s musical compositions have been used in numerous films and on television, and many became jazz standards recorded in numerous variations. Countless singers and musicians have recorded their songs.

Clark Gable was an American film actor, often referred to as “The King of Hollywood” or just simply as “The King”.

The Go-Go’s are an American rock band formed in 1978. They made history as the first, and to date only, all-female band that both wrote their own songs and played their own instruments to top the Billboard album charts.

Cary Grant was an English actor who became an American citizen in 1942. Known for his transatlantic accent, debonair demeanor, and “dashing good looks”, Grant is considered one of classic Hollywood’s definitive leading men.

Greta Garbo, born Greta Lovisa Gustafsson, was a Swedish film actress and an international star and icon during the 1920s and 1930s.

Giant is the story of a wealthy Texas rancher Bick Benedict (Rock Hudson) who shakes things up at home when he returns from a trip to the East Coast with a love interest, the refined Leslie Lynnton (Elizabeth Taylor). Bick and Leslie get married, but she clashes with his sister, Luz (Mercedes McCambridge), and wins the admiration of the ambitious young Jett Rink (James Dean). Bick and Jett form a tense rivalry that continues to surface as the years pass and fortunes change in this sweeping drama.

I am taking part in the April A to Z Blog Challenge. Every day in the month of April, I will post a blog entry related to a letter of the alphabet. I gave it some thought and wanted to keep it in line with what I write about here on Waldina.com and came up with famous quotes, people that inspire and music that resonates with me.

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  1. Aaaah! Clark Gable. When I was a teenager I watched all his old movies on TV. I especially loved “It Happened One Night”. I also went to see “Gone With the Wind” with my father as a small child. Wonderful.


  2. This is lovely. I’m so behind d on everyone’s blogs. Too much writing and not enough reading in this A to Z Challenge! Great to see you’re ploughing on, Scott…


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