Rear View Mirror – My Week In Review

beckett and robbSince my last weekly round up, I have started a new job/career which involved opening a men’s custom clothing store called Beckett & Robb in downtown Seattle. That is definitely the most substantial change/development in the past month for sure. I am excited, we opened on Wednesday of last week and once the store is up and running, I will be the daily operator of it. The only daily operator. Alone. Monday through Friday. Yes, I do understand the responsibility and all that, thank you for asking.

So no day to day coworkers. If it doesn’t get done, it’s because I didn’t do it. If the shop gets a bad yelp review, that’s on me. I could go on, but you understand.

You may notice that Facebook and Twitter have fallen off the roundup, they still exist, but they are such minor players. I have Facebook because of family and I honestly don’t know what Twitter is for (still), especially since I am not trying to promote some strange service or have the need to supply my commentary to everything.

Since my last Rear View Mirror, I have celebrated hundreds of birthdays on Waldina. I decided to choose people from May 15th to spotlight: Jasper Johns and Richard Alvedon. I truly admire both of their work in their visual fields.

The Stats:

Visits This Week: 2,128
Total Visits: 367,690
Total Subscribers: 627
Total Posts: 2.082
Most Popular Post Last Week: Happy 62nd Birthday Cindy Sherman

This week on TheRealSPA over on Tumblr, I highlight photos and videos that I found interesting. From the last month or so, I chose the one image that I looked at the most and thought about the most after posting. It was this photograph of James Dean and Eartha Kitt in a cafe. Then, I got to digging into that idea of them and found more photos and have posted them here for the first time.

The Stats:

Posts This Month: 721
Total Posts: 19,271
Total Subscribers: 808

This week I started @ScottParkerAnderson Instagram. It is going to be strictly men’s fashion and related to work. I am building it slowly, posting photos of the shop. Follow me if you want to see the progression of the shop and like men’s fashion.

The Stats:

Total Posts: 3
Total Followers: 64
Total Following: 163

This week on @TheRealSPA Instagram, I posted photos of the birthdays I celebrated on Waldina.

The Stats:

Total Posts: 725
Total Followers: 277
Total Following: 463

This week on @SenorScraps Instagram, he killed it as usual, everyone loves that little guy and follows/likes/comments.

The Stats:

Total Posts: 51
Total Followers: 272
Total Following: 459


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One comment

  1. Congratulations. The shop looks amazing. I love the picture of Marilyn, it’s one of my favorites. The dog is absolutely adorable. Best of luck in your new endeavor.


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