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You need to vote and you need to vote for Hillary Clinton. She is the only one on the ballot that has experience and is not a complete fucking idiot. Hillary Clinton will get shit done. Gary Johnson is a ridiculously unqualified pot-smoking Republican. Donald Trump is a racist sexual predator. If you do not love Hillary Clinton, just ask yourself if you love your country. Hillary Clinton will not destroy the country like those other two will through their malicious actions or their just plain uneducated choices.

If I applied and interviewed for a job as the president of a bank and spent the whole interview “speaking my mind” I would not get the position. Let’s be real, I would not even get the interview. Being an outsider and speaking your mind are not an assets when you are applying to be the boss. It means you don’t know how to do the job and you will probably say a bunch of stupid shit.

You do not have the luxury to vote your conscious, this election is too important for that. This is not the time for you to use your privilege to feel smug in your choice. If you feel that you will not personally suffer from the outcome of this election, put other’s welfare before yours and know that they will suffer and vote for Hillary Clinton.

I post very little about politics because I feel that I am either preaching to the choir or it is falling on deaf ears. This will probably be the only weekly review where I mention politics. Next week, I may confess to my obsession with Forensic Files or express my beliefs that people who use their phone while driving or don’t keep their dogs on leashes are selfish garbage people.


This week on Waldina, I celebrated the birthdays of Johnny Carson, Diana Does, Joan Fontaine, Robert Rauschenberg, Celia Crus, Bela Lugosi, Harris Glenn Milstead, George C. Scott, Miriam Hopkins, Montgomery clift, Rita Hayworth, Arthur Miller, Jean Arthur, Angela Lansbury, Linda Darnell, Oscar Wilde, Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche, P.G. Wodehouse, Jane Darwell, E.E. Cummings, Lenny Bruce, and Ed Wood.

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Most Popular Post Last Week: Happy 91st Birthday Angela Lansbury


This week on TheRealSPA over on Tumblr, I obsessed over Interview Magazine covers.

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This week on @TheRealSPA Instagram, I posted photographs of some of the people I celebrate on Waldina and I posted a photo of my ballot with Hillary Clinton marked.

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This week on @SenorScraps Instagram, he posted a photo of him on one of his favorite walks through the stairs near Lake Washington Boulevard.

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This week @TheRealSPA on Twitter, I resisted tweeting Trump “FUCK OFF!” every time he said something ridiculous during the debate. Instead, I tweeted a photo of a middle finger.

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Source: Happy 91st Birthday Angela Lansbury – Waldina

Source: The Stranger’s Endorsements for the November 2016 General Election – News – The Stranger

Source: Happy 162nd Birthday Oscar Wilde – Waldina

Source: scott parker-anderson (@therealspa) • Instagram photos and videos

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