Rear View Mirror – 2016 Year In Review


I think we can pretty much all agree that 2016 was a dumpster fire of a year for all sorts of reasons, universal and personal, global and local. So much so that it is hard for me to even try to spin anything positive from this shit. Where is the silver lining? Not sure. Maybe we can leave it to the history books to put an objective view on this year (that is if there are still history books in the future or history classes).

I am not a fan of 2016, too many great people died and too many fucking morons voted their fears (or didn’t vote at all).

cindy sherman 2

This year on Waldina, there were a few large hits on a few blog posts. They were ones shared by others, creating a lot of traffic back to the original post. Of course, it is totally cool to get that much traffic. It’s totally strange to have 10,000 hits in one day when my average is less than 500. Next year, I have added a lot more profiles to the list. I read somewhere that we should celebrate people while they are still alive, so I have expanded my criteria to include a lot more people who I find inspiring.

The Stats:

Visits This Year: 170,802
Average per Day: 470
Total Subscribers: 820
Total Posts: 2,362
Most Popular Post Last of 2016: Happy 62nd Birthday Cindy Sherman


This Year on @TheRealSPA on Tumblr, a lot of stuff happened. It’s probably just easier for you to look for yourself.

The Stats:

Total Posts: 25,553
Total Subscribers: 1,342
Most Popular Post This Year: Keith Haring


This week at @TheRealSPA on Instagram, I posted a few photos of the profiles I posted on Waldina. And I posted this photo I took at Twanoh State Park on Christmas Eve.

The Stats:

Total Posts: 30 (I deleted a bunch of old ones)
Total Followers: 441
Total Following: 317




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