What You Can Do Right Now

A friend’s family has sponsored a Syrian family. Read their story. The entire amount raised is used to purchase goods and services, no portion goes to the organization. The host family is in direct contact with the family they are sponsoring to help determine how to use the funds.

This is not political. This is human. You can make a difference.

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Mrs Al Jasem from Syria: “Our story is maybe different from others. We are from Shaddadi, a village near Al Hassakeh which was invaded by extremists and where the whole story begins. We were living in hell under the new rules. We couldn’t go outside our home unless in full Nikab. Everyday they killed someone and hang one of his parts on the streets. A few months ago, one of my extended family members was chatting on the mobile and of course, everything is monitored and under their control. So they arrested him and put him in jail for a period of 2 months and then they killed him by a sword in front of everyone in the village including us (they call it punishment). Then they hung his head on the street! This was the main reason why we ran away from Syria seeking peace in Lebanon. Other reasons were due to loss of food supplies, gas and other means of living.

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The Carty Family

We are an Architect, Scientist, and Kindergartener living in Ohio. We are excited for this opportunity to help others in need in such a direct and meaningful way.  $5000 GOAL
Our family has never raised money for a cause like this before, but we are so thankful to have found this way to help families displaced by the nightmare in Syria.

We will be communicating directly with the Al Jasem Family throughout our campaign via Skype to find out precisely what goods and services they need.

The smiling faces of these innocent kids are humbling. They live in a tent, and they have witnessed things I wouldn’t let our son watch in a movie.

Just a few dollars — what we typically pay a babysitter for a Date Night — means everything to this family. Please support our campaign and let the Al Jasem Family know there are good people in the United States who care about them.

Let’s do this!

(Donations contributed after this campaign has exceeded $5000 will be allocated to another family (to be determined) to maximize the number of people we help!)

Click Here To Go To The Donation Page

Source: Al Jasem Family – Humanwire

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