Rear View Mirror – My Week In Review

It’s been a while since I have done a week in review, there is no reason as to why I stopped. There may be a reason, this particular post format is the one and only time I voice any opinion and I have purposefully crafted Waldina to focus on people that I find inspiring. If I have learned one thing from reading about successful social media accounts and blogs it is the importance of sticking to your ‘brand’ and not inputting any wild cards. Meaning, I post about lives that inspire me and people expect that when they visit here. I wouldn’t mind posting a rant every now and then. I need an amnesty post or something. Until then, I will keep to my own lane.

Andy Warhol at Gristede’s Market. New York City, 1965.

This week on Waldina, I celebrated the birthdays of a lot of people. Since I haven’t done a week in review in six months, it would be excessive. But I do have a new exciting stat for the website: sometime last week, it had it’s half-millionth visitor! That very much impresses me. To think that I started this blog as an exercise in focusing on something positive every day, not really trying to find the audience or anything. Fast forward three or so years and thousands of people have found something to like here also. I have long-professed the unofficial tag line of Waldina is “Something For Everyone and Everything For No One”.

Activist Bill Kraus

The Stats:

Visits This Week: 2,345
Total Visits: 500,673
Total Subscribers: 854
Total Posts: 2,176
Most Popular Post Last Quarter: Happy 80th Birthday Dyan Cannon

There are a lot of tumblr blogs that I manage because there are a lot of different interests that I have and I feel that more specific blogs seem more organized. One blog splintered into 11 total. I’ll sum up the combined totals. If you follow @TheRealSPA, they all get filtered through there.

The Stats:

Posts This Week: 559
Total Posts: 39,570
Total Subscribers: 14,121

This week at @TheRealSPA on Instagram, I posted a few photos of the profiles I posted on Waldina.

The Stats:

Total Posts: 85
Total Followers: 809
Total Following: 312

This week at @SenorScraps on Instagram, Scraps posted a photo of himself sun bathing on the dock at the lake house. Also, notice how many followers he has.

The Stats:

Total Posts: 106
Total Followers: 1,116
Total Following: 791

**Today, I deleted my twitter. It’s for garbage people and they do not address cyber bullying. Think about all the people that have tweeted crazy stuff that has gotten them fired and/or universally hated. This includes our current president. I see no need to be apart of that group.**

This week at @TheRealSPA on twitter, I blocked our President, his family and representatives, our Vice President and his family, various other Republican representatives and Fox News personalities. I also reported our President for abusive hate speech. If Twitter does not block him, I am quitting it. I know my number of followers are low and will mean nothing, I also know I do not need to be part of something that supports cyber bullying


Total Tweets: 1,492
Following: 422
Followers: 151

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