Happy 109th Birthday Carole Lombard

Today is the 109th birthday of Carole Lombard.  My Man Godfrey is on of my all-time favorite movies and that is due in a large part to Carole Lombard. She is perfection. Her life story is one of those that even Hollywood couldn’t make up and have people believe it.  The world is a better place because she was in it and still feels the loss that she has left.


NAME: Carole Lombard
OCCUPATION: Film Actress, Pin-up
BIRTH DATE: October 06, 1908
DEATH DATE: January 16, 1942
PLACE OF BIRTH: Fort Wayne, Indiana
PLACE OF DEATH: Las Vegas, Nevada
ORIGINALLY: Jane Alice Peters
REMAINS: Buried, Forest Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery, Glendale, CA

BEST KNOWN FOR: Carole Lombard starred in comedic films during the 1930s. She married actor Clark Gable in 1939, but died in a tragic plane accident a few years later.


Carole Lombard was an American actress. She is particularly noted for her comedic roles in the screwball comedies of the 1930s. She is listed as one of the American Film Institute’s greatest stars of all time and was the highest-paid star in Hollywood in the late 1930s, earning around US $500,000 per year (more than five times the salary of the US President). Lombard’s career was cut short when she died at the age of 33 in a plane crash while returning from a World War II Bond tour.

I can’t imagine a duller fate than being the best dressed woman in reality. When I want to do something I don’t pause to contemplate whether I’m exquisitely gowned. I want to live, not pose!

Queen of the 1930s screwball comedies, she personified the anxiety of a nervous age. Graham Greene praised the “heartbreaking and nostalgic melodies” of her faster-than-thought delivery. “Platinum blonde, with a heart-shaped face, delicate, impish features and a figure made to be swathed in silver lamé, she wriggled expressively through such classics of hysteria as Twentieth Century and My Man Godfrey.”

In 1999, the American Film Institute ranked Lombard 23rd on its list of the 50 greatest American female screen legends. She received one Academy Award for Best Actress nomination, for My Man Godfrey. She has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, at 6930 Hollywood Blvd.

Lombard’s Fort Wayne childhood home has been designated a historic landmark. The city named the nearby bridge over the St. Mary’s River the Carole Lombard Memorial Bridge.

To Be or Not To Be (6-Mar-1942) · Maria Tura
Mr. and Mrs. Smith (31-Jan-1941) · Ann
They Knew What They Wanted (19-Oct-1940)
Vigil in the Night (5-Feb-1940)
In Name Only (4-Aug-1939) · Julie Eden
Made for Each Other (10-Feb-1939) · Jane Mason
Fools for Scandal (24-Mar-1938)
True Confession (24-Dec-1937)
Nothing Sacred (25-Nov-1937) · Hazel Flagg
Swing High, Swing Low (15-Mar-1937)
My Man Godfrey (6-Sep-1936) · Irene Bullock
The Princess Comes Across (22-May-1936)
Love Before Breakfast (9-Mar-1936) · Kay Colby
Hands Across the Table (25-Oct-1935) · Regi Allen
Rumba (8-Feb-1935)
The Gay Bride (14-Dec-1934) · Mary Magiz
Lady by Choice (15-Oct-1934) · Alabam Lee
Now and Forever (31-Aug-1934)
Twentieth Century (3-May-1934) · Lily Garland
We’re Not Dressing (26-Apr-1934) · Doris Worthington
Bolero (23-Feb-1934)
White Woman (10-Nov-1933)
The Eagle and the Hawk (6-May-1933)
Supernatural (21-Apr-1933) · Roma Courtney
No Man of Her Own (15-Dec-1932)
No More Orchids (25-Nov-1932)
Virtue (24-Oct-1932)
Sinners in the Sun (13-May-1932)
Ladies’ Man (1-May-1931)
Man of the World (28-Mar-1931)
It Pays to Advertise (19-Feb-1931)
Fast and Loose (8-Nov-1930)
Big News (7-Sep-1929)
High Voltage (29-Jun-1929)
Show Folks (21-Oct-1928)

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Source: Carole Lombard

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