Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018

Lists. At the end of every year, you get lists. Lists of the best [descriptor] of that year, list of the most notable things, lists of the worst. I thought about doing a list of lists, but even the New York Times has a list of their lists.

This year, I lost a friend, quit a job, started a job, spent four months in San Francisco, moved twice, lost 25 pounds, and probably a bunch of other stuff.

Every year, I do a short list of resolutions. In the past, I have posted randomly generated resolutions, anti-resolutions, even super-positive global good citizen resolutions. I tend to start my good eating, more working out, mindset shifts on the 26th of December. I work in retail, I have to just get through it and I am also not one to wait a week just to have a tidy beginning date. I have decided this year instead of resolutions (I am back on a fairly strict Bulletproof intermittent fasting diet, rowing and weight lifting, retinol, and closet purging routine), I would list the things from 2017 that have stuck with me. I have often told myself (and perhaps even proclaimed it out loud or in social media posts) that I am not nostalgic. The truth is I am nearly crippled with nostalgia on a daily basis. Think about it, I love old buildings that have passed their prime, old films and novels, and outdated and obsolete machinery and technology. I mean, I have two location apps on my phone that tell me if I am near a historic spot and I own a non-functioning reel to reel player. I am obsessed with nostalgia. This year, the things that I have thought about often are:

13 Reasons Why – A high school girl kills herself and leaves behind a detailed account of the experiences and the people involved that influenced her suicide. It is heartbreaking and frightening, it explores the lengths people will go with their fear-based cruelty.

Arch N Point by Miguel – It’s from 2012, but ended up on heavy rotation in my ears this year. It’s just a great song.

Artificial Nocturne by Metric – Also from 2012 and ALWAYS on my playlist. If I had a personal theme song this would be it.

Big Little Lies – There is always something behind those outwardly perfect lives. That one scene with the expression that comes over Nicole Kidman‘s face is so perfect.

Mindhunter – To catch a serial killer, you have to get inside their heads, learn the hows and whys. Just hope you can find your way out. This series is set in the late 70s, has a phenomal soundtrack, and a cast of actors that will probably show up in my dreams.

Nocturnal Animals – Tom Ford films always linger in the corners of my brain, long after viewing them. This one is so achingly beautiful, hauntingly dark, and desperately destructive. There is so much beauty in isolation, loss, and regret.

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