spa v48.0 is Live!

On this day every year, I post an updated version of a post subtitled What I Have Learned So Far.  You can see previous years here:  v45.0, v44.0, v43.0, v42.0, v41.0.  I love that format of rewriting the same manifesto year after year, altering, adding, omitting, editing until  it all rings true for the person I am and the person I hope to become. I have always written it for me and shared it with others with the thought that maybe a bit, a piece, a phrase would resonate with someone else.


State Park. Leave it better than you found it. Apply that however and to whatever you see fitting. Leaving the world better than you found it can seem like a daunting task, but you can leave a room better than you found it by creating positivity and understanding. You can always pick up litter on the side of the road. I have been highlighting the life stories of people that I find inspiring, hoping that every once in a while, someone else also gains inspiration from them. It is my hope that this whole project on Waldina is creating inspiration. It doesn’t have to be a website, you can let a person merge in traffic in front of you, hold a door for someone, say please and thank you (say you’re welcome when someone says thank you), smile and say good morning to people who’s eyes you catch as you pass, tip your barista, mow your elderly neighbor’s lawn. If none of those ring true to you, please try not making negative comments/tweets/posts/etc. If it is just not in your make up to leave it better than you found it, please don’t make it any worse than it already is.


Yes. Life should be like an improv class where they only rule is you agree to say “Yes.” Not only just say “Yes,” but “Yes, and.” When opportunities arise, don’t think of all the reasons why you shouldn’t do them, leave yourself open to the possibilities and let them play out organically. Don’t cut yourself off at the knees. Be fearless. Find solutions, not obstacles. Do everything in your power to make things happen. Remember what is important and hold it close to your heart as your priority.

Source: S.P.A. v45.0 Launch is Live – Waldina

Source: SPA v44.0 Launch is Live – Waldina

Source: SPA v43.0 Launch. – Waldina

Source: SPA v42.0 is LIVE, fool! – Waldina

Source: SPA v41.0 Launch – Waldina


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