Archive Deep Dive vol. IV

I have kept a journal since the summer of 1989, sometimes in notebook form, most recently in digital. I still have one, it is online and private, I use the talk-to-text feature on my phone to dictate all the entries, and I never reread them. It is my therapist now, my brain clearing-house.

I recently dug around and found some old posts that were funny enough to revisit. Then, I did my best to build a post around them by finding somewhat related photos and videos.

Light Up Nativity Set Outdoor 47237 Astonbkk throughout size 1280 X 960[Oct. 4th, 2001|09:43 am]

My neighbor was evicted yesterday, all of her stuff put out on the sidewalk, stretching down the street. She had a lot of stuff, it was a mess. There was a nativity scene piled upon itself, most of the pieces looked to be there, except the three foot tall Virgin Mary was missing her head! I thought long and hard about slipping it into my house and giving it as a gift sometime, but I figured that a new deeper, darker Hell would be invented just for me. Stealing a headless Virgin Mary from someone that has been evicted?

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