Goodbye March, Hello April

Please pick up the Dr. Seuss book I Had Trouble in Getting to Solla Sollew. It’s a quick read, of course, and it’s about a young person — or cat, or dog? Or whatever Dr. Seuss creatures are — who’s beset by troubles and does everything he can to escape from them.

On his way to a promised paradise called Solla Sollew, he endures bad weather, illness, war, cancelled bus routes. Nothing goes his way and the closer he gets to his destination the rougher life becomes. But he’s determined to make it because he’s convinced that all of his troubles will be over if he can just get far enough away from them.

And maybe that would work, if only Solla Sollew was a bit more accessible. Turns out there’s no such thing as a place that’s trouble-free, no matter how far you travel. And that leaves our hero with a choice — keep running from his troubles, or turn back and deal with them… knowing now that troubles never really go away. But you can become trouble for them.

Described by a conservative parents website as “one of Seuss’ more heavy-handed books,” it’s a great read, it will inspire your inner-child and hopefully keep you from over-complicating your troubles.

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