Happy Earth Day

If you Google “Earth Day Quiz” the first results are a quiz to find out what animal you are. I was coral. I am not sure why it is there, but I do like coral.

Now, watch the 1972 animated TV special of Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax:

Here’s some facts:

The Earth is getting dirtier, more crowded, and yes, warmer. Everyone knows it. There are some climate-deniers out there, but they are uneducated religious crackpots that you can pay no attention to. Here’s the deal. Listen. Look. What is the downside to not recycling a water bottle? What is the harm to finding cleaner sustainable energy sources? It is only the guy that sells coal that is trying to find facts that make wind powered turbines pointless. I am sure that the guy that sold horse shoes felt the same way about cars. It is everyone’s job to steward our home, to leave it as, if not better than, we found it.

What You Can Do:

Switch all your bills to electronic bills. Switch your pay stub to electronic. Switch everything you get in the mail to the electronic option when available.

Stop drinking bottled water. It’s no longer an issue about recycling your one-use bottles. Just stop using them.

Make your yard attractive to birds, squirrels, butterflies, and if you happen to be me, deer.

Make environmental issues one of the deciding factors when choosing your elected officials.

Chang out your lightbulbs to energy efficient ones.

Go on a hike.

Shut the climate deniers down. Don’t engage. Block. Delete. Spend that time you would have wasted trying to get that delusional troll to turn off a light and go plant a tree, or look at a tree.

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