Good Bye July, Hello August


I know. I am late. It happens. (I’ll back-date it, so it appears at the right time in the archives)

Today, I gave my two week’s notice at work. Here’s the thing. I was hired away from a company to manage a different store in downtown Seattle. That store closed, I was in San Francisco for four months, then got word they are opening the store in Bellevue instead of downtown Seattle. I will be the manager there. Very different. My commute to downtown Seattle can be as short as a 45 minute ferry ride or as long as a 1.5 hour ferry/bus combo. To put it in perspective, my commute to downtown Seattle when I was living in the Columbia City neighborhood was an hour by way of walk/lightrail/walk. It’s all relative. But my commute to Bellevue is a different beast, and by beast, I mean soul-raping traffic-crawling fucking bullshit. On good days, it takes me 2.5 hours to drive/ferry/drive.  They entire distance is 30 miles, with 17 of that where I am actually driving. Oh, these are one-way times. My very worst commute was a total of 6.75 hours, a week ago Tuesday. I cried in my car.

I am always tired. Always.

I officially got word on Monday that there will be no store for me to move to any sooner than the end of 2019. The thought of 18+ more months of this commute is a level of self-hate I cannot fathom.

So, I quit.

This wasn’t going to be what I initially thought the monthly roundup was going to contain, but it is more topical than my original idea. That one can wait until next month…


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