Goodbye August, Hello September

It’s a PeeChee, get it? For back to school month.

I am not sure why I always wait until the last day to do a round up of the whole week. I have such great intentions…

Most of this will be typed on my phone on the ferry today. Settle in for some quality content.

I do know that I really want to talk about an instagram account that I started following a while back on Instagram and it’s really the only one I look for when I am scrolling through my feed. It will break your heart, it will inspire you, it will take you out of your petty little bullshit lives and refocus you on humanity. It is @theaidsmemorial, “Stories of Love, Loss & Remembrance”. Friends and family provide a photograph and a story about the subject, it could be a very official-sounding obituary or it could be just a short little story. It is absolutely gut-wrenchingly beautiful. They deserve all the followers. Follow them, scroll through your feed and let the protein powder sponsored posts be broken up by thoughtful examples of beautiful humanity.


come find me, i’m @

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