Goodbye October, Hello November


November 6th is election day. Use your voice and vote. A lot of areas have early, absentee, or mail-in voting. Make sure you take advantage of whatever method works best for you and get your voice counted. No vote, no voice. Vote for the future voices. Vote. Vote. Vote.

What did I listening to? Technically, I started listening to Metric’s new album “Art of Doubt.” I have been a long fan of Metric, their “Artificial Nocturne” has been one of my personal anthems for several years. On the new album, I am pressing repeat on “Now or Never Now” and “Dark Saturday” and “Risk” and ok, the whole album. I like Metric.

What did I watch? We have been watching a lot of Six Feet Under and the second season of Younger. I think we will next start on the second season of American Horror Story and go from there. I am excited about a few other shows on Prime, nothing on Netfilx, and I wonder why we still have cable.

sloane crosley

What did I read? This month, I read The Clasp, Look Alive Out There, and How Did You Get This Number. All three by Sloan Crosley. I do that sometimes, I find an author I have not read, enjoy the first book and then binge-read everything I can get my hands on. Having library cards for three different areas helps with the planning. Soon to be four, I am coming for you Timberland Regional Library! Next, I have decided to read Michelle McNamara’s I’ll Be Gone In The Dark: One Woman’s Obsessive Search For The Golden State Killer. I have it on audiobook, but I think I want to see the words.

What did I love? The grassroots approach to the upcoming midterm elections. I don’t know if there will be a blue wave, but there should be. It should be a giant blue tsunami.

What did I hate? Donald Trump

What did I obsess over? The Mortified Guide. It’s 6-episode comedic docu-series on Netflix where adults share their actual teenage diaries, love letters, music and art on a stage in front of total strangers. It is absolutely mortifying and amazing. It will take you right back to that age with all those unrealistic thoughts and exaggerated feelings.


Fascinating Reading:

These Americans fled the country to escape their giant student debt: His debt is currently on its way to default. But more than 9,000 miles away from Colorado, Haag said, his student loans don’t feel real anymore.” We should call them exgraduates. If you’re feeling the crushing weight of loans can also just move to…Maine? (CNBC)

Superfoods Are a Marketing Ploy: Blueberries and macadamia nuts aren’t that good for you.” (Atlantic)



SOURCE: Sloane Crosly – Interview Magazine

SOURCE:  Trump Engaged in Suspect Tax Schemes as He Reaped Riches From His Father

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