Goodbye November, Hello December

Left: HUN–J–00105–NJ: John Hunt, “The Ascent of Everest, The Companion Book Club”, 1954 Right: HAW–N–01010–JG: Nathaniel Hawthorne, “Passages from the American Notebooks of Nathaniel Hawthorne, Vol. I”, Smith, Elder and Co., 1868

To set the stage, it’s 4th grade, the entire elementary school had a fire drill, except it was a bomb drill. There were several recent bomb threats phoned into the school district, probably by high school kids who didn’t want to go to school or something. This was the early 80s, so there was no caller ID or way of knowing which little stoner kid made the call, so every call was taken seriously. Every threat was treated like a legit issue. The school all left their classrooms and congregated on the playground. Basically like an entire school recess. We were supposed to stay in little groups based upon which classroom we were from. My classroom was inside the ‘play shed’ which is a 20 foot high 2-walled structure with a flat roof that was essentially an outside covered gym with cement walls.  The volunteer parent was keeping us all in line and I started asking questions like “when does the bomb go off?” and “what if the bomb is on the play shed roof?” until finally, clearly frustrated by my questions and an entire school of yelling children, she finally turned to me and said. “There’s no bomb.” Just more fuel for my budding skeptical 10 year old brain. Like the future angst teen in me needed more proof that everything is a fucking pointless lie.

Left: FAR–N–00092–SG: “Negley Farson, Behind God’s Back”, Victor Gollancz, 1941 Right: BEL–S–00914–SG: Sally Belfrage, “A Room In Moscow”, Pan, 1959

Couple Thoughts:

Twitter: I go back and forth on the idea of having/using a twitter account. Then it came to me this morning:  Twitter is a lot like dumpster diving. Sure, you may find something cool every once in a while, but you will get covered in garbage first. So why bother? You are the company you keep, 45 is on there. A lot. Plus, I do not trust myself to not create an auto-bot to retweet “FUCK YOU!” every time he tweets. Then I’ll be on a list.

The Stats:

Total Posts: 3,525
Total Followers: 950
Total Hits: 688,057
Best Day/Time: Mondays at 9:00am
Average Words Per Post: 1,016

Why Finland is so good at handling forest fires. Hint: It’s not because of raking.

Ivanka Trump Reportedly Used Personal Email Account For Official White House Business

democracy dies in darkness


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