The Waldina Week In Review

My birthday was this week. Actually it’s today. Since I have deactivated/deleted all my social media accounts on January 1st, I knew that I had to at least stick to it until after my birthday. If I gave up before, it would look like I was just thirsty for Facebook birthday wishes. The truth is, I have not noticed the lack of social media in my life, so I am going to keep doing it. It turns out that sunrises and beautiful meals still happen, even if they don’t get posted. I know! This is some deep Maya Angelou stuff, people.

I have found myself feeling the obligation to post on Instagram the profiles I create every day on the blog, but then I remember that I don’t have to. I have kind of even forgotten to post on my dog’s instagram. Feel free to follow him on his adventures:  @SenorScraps 

This Week’s Birthdays:

Dian Fossey
Ethel Merman
Vidal Sassoon
Cary Grant
Danny Kaye
Tippi Hedren
Cindy Sherman
Edgar Allen Poe
Dolly Parton
Gypsy Rose Lee
Paul cezanne
David Lynch
Frederico Felini
George Burns

This Week’s Required Viewing:

Blue Velvet
The Palm Beach Story
Dark Victory
The Girl Most Likely To…
Harold and Maude

This Week’s Stats:

Total Views: 706,537 (2,143 this week)
Total Subscribers: 984
Total Posts: 3,657

democracy dies in darkness

I have deleted/deactivated all social media. It’s an experiment. It doesn’t pay my bills. It feels good right now. Never say never, never say forever.




  1. Belated Happy Birthday to you, my apologies I am not looking at the posts as quick as I used to, but do keep to read those favourite of mine, so all your posts will be answered. I hope you had a lovely Day on your Birthday. Take care.


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