Goodbye January, Hello February

delete fcebook

I did it. On January 1st, I deleted/deactivated all of my social media. I deleted Twitter, Reddit, and Ello. I deactivated Facebook, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram. Is that drastic? Probably. But sometimes, you gotta shake it up. Here’s the thing: all that social media doesn’t pay my bills, so leaving it for a while is no big deal. Maybe through it’s absence, I will find it’s value? Deleting the apps off my phone felt liberating. My commute has changed a bit. I listen to podcasts and play solitaire. I have also set a goal of rereading the books on my book shelf instead of getting new books, that has kept my occupied. Originally, I had thought that if left in the deactivated mode for more than 30 days, Facebook/Instagram would just vanish completely. Turns out you can leave them deactivated forever. I had planned on ending the deactivation at the end of the month, but now, I will just play it by ear.

I just want to start 2019 off clean and then dirty it up. In addition to the social media break, I have also been actively unsubscribing from every email list that asks me to buy something, donate something, sign something, etc. I want to be active in my choices of how my money is spent and not influenced by emails sent to my phone.

As of the end of January, I am still not back on facebook, but Instagram and Twitter are back up.

democracy dies in darkness

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