1,000 Subscribers!

Sometime this week, Waldina.com hit 1,000 subscribers! It was something that I never really focused on as a goal, but all the same, I am really excited, very proud, and quite humbled. I have long insisted that the tagline for this website should be:

Something for everyone, everything for no one.

Meaning, you are probably not going to agree with the cultural significance of every profile I post, but you will agree with some and you will learn some new ones.

I started this website as an exercise for myself. I was (and still am) overwhelmed with the negativity on the internet and shining light on bad people and their bad behavior. I had a short list of people that I found inspiring, quotes that I found meaningful, media that spoke to me, and objects that I found beautiful. It took a while to fall on the format of celebrating the individuals who inspire me on their birthdays, but it seems to be the best. It keeps a random mix. Each month, I have also been attempting to do an additional series of posts, currently it is “Words To Live By”. I need a series for April. Ideas? Right now, I am thinking of it being “Blogs I Love”. Each day of April, I will profile a blog/instagram account/website/podcast that inspires me.

Again, thank you! This little exercise in my positivity has resonated with one thousand people enough for them to sign up to get a daily dose. Who would have thought that chronicling what inspires me would inspire me?



  1. Very cool!!! And besides the accolades you are receiving due to the content of your blog, you are presenting Waldina to people who never knew her at all! I’m sure she is enjoying her continued fame. ❤

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  2. Hey Scott, I signed up this week. Maybe I was number 1000, maybe I was 999? Whatever, I guess. I came across your site by accident as I presume most of your subscribers have and enjoyed your thoughtful and at times funny posts. I took the time to read your suggestion of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s ‘The Diamond as Big as the Ritz’. Interesting to see the beginning rumination of The Great Gatsby in this story, so thanks for the recommendation.

    When it comes to blogs, most of those I read are work related (I work in the wedding, floristry industry) but I also follow a few that are more personal. Whether work or personal, I tend to follow and enjoy those that are of a more thoughtful and often, funny nature. Like you, I despair of the negativity that pervades the Internet and worry about the implication that this reflects the collective psyche of the human race. Ugh! As far as Social Media goes, I am only on Instagram having shut down or stopped using most of my Social Media accounts except for Instagram which sadly, I need for work. If I didn’t have to use it, I would gladly shut that down too, especially as I know that it is a part of Facebook. Sometimes I think that if Hell exists and I end up down there I will find Rupert Murdoch and Mark Zuckerberg sharing the throne of the dammed. Having outwitted the devil by proving themselves far more evil and malevolent, I will not be in the least surprised to see them ruling the underworld and overseeing the anguish and torture of endless souls. They seem to be making a good start up here on the surface.

    Anyway, I just want to say thanks for the blog and if you do want to check out an interesting blog that I follow you can have a look at Sarah Ryhanen and her blog about her farm, ‘World’s End’ in upstate New York and work as a florist in her New York studio called ‘Saipua’. Although it has roots (pardon the pun) in the flower business, she often strays well off topic with musings on farm life, the environment, food and the odd 80’s disco hit. You can find it here; http://journal.saipua.com/

    Keep up the good work Scott and I look forward to seeing you in my inbox on a. regular basis.
    Cheers Jeannie (Number 999 or maybe 1000)


    1. I just tried to look up to see who was the 1,000th. It is divided into two groups: wordpress followers and email followers. So it’s a guess at best unless I want to look at times of day people subscribed. But you are right there!

      Ugh, facebook. I sincerely wish there was another option. It is a great way to catch up with people you went to school with and realize you have nothing in common with them except you went to the same high school. I’ll give it that. I ‘deactivated’ mine on New Years Day and have not felt a twinge of guilt. Not one. I have Instagram and Twitter (even though I feel like Twitter is allowing cyber-bullying from the most powerful person in the world). I use twitter mostly as a news feed, following multiple news services and then also cross posting my junk. “When they go low, we go high” is what we are supposed to do even when it seems like it would be very satisfying to go low and call people out. There’s no winning an internet fight, whoever has more time, wins. I’m too busy living my actual life to keep up to see if someone I don’t know or respect has responded to my latest comment.

      Glad you are here! Feel free to suggest anyone you would like to see profiled.


      1. I think you’re right, Scott. Facebook is definitely good for catching up with people from your past but it always presented a dilemma when someone from my past contacted me and wanted to start up a friendship again. I never wanted to be hurtful to them but if I left someone in the past, I did it for a reason. No ill will, I just moved on. Thankfully, I no longer have that problem. I guess if someone really wants to find me they can, but it would take more work than a quick search and comment on facebook and happily, I’m really not interesting enough to warrant that kind of effort. lol
        Thank again and if it’s all the same with you, I’ll claim the handle of # 999. 🙂


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