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© 2016 Martin Geller / Blue Lightning TV


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This week, I stumbled across a phrase I had long loved, but written in symbols and it became even more loved. It is not a surprise that the phrase and philosophy behind it stems from the Bauhaus Movement.

The name of the movement comes from a German design school of the same name that was in operation from 1919 to 1933. The movement created a lot of fine art, architecture, and furniture that is widely appreciated and still considered modern 100 years later. There was a coffee shop in Seattle for 20 odd years by the same name that was my all-time favorite and the band Bauhaus has a soft spot in my heart as a reminder of the angst-ridden teen that eventually found his way to become me.

So it is no surprise to me that the phrase written in symbols comes from The Bauhaus Movement.

bauhaus 03Also this week, Waldina hit 1,000 subscribers! With a combination of email and WordPress followers, the total hit 1,000 some time at the beginning of the week. While thinking about what that means is a huge humbling honor, I also used it as a reminder to myself to keep the Waldina ‘brand’ true. This website is a place where I chronicle what inspires me. It flows over into my instagram and twitter accounts as well. All this reflection caused me to nuke the mostly-written original Week In Review: a scathing ‘tribute’ to Karl Lagerfeld. A fairy old post about him is getting a lot of hits even this morning. But that is not on brand, even though a fairly good argument could be waged that David Rakoff does inspire me and the meat of the post was a quote written by him about Karl.

The Stats:

Total Subscribers: 1,006
Total Posts: 3,782
Total Views: 719,931

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  1. So what’s the phrase that’s written in symbols? Or is it obtuse of me to need to ask? -=+ Less is more? Something like that?

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  2. I came across your article and immediately saw that you used my poster design at the top. In 2016, I created the completely original design from scratch based on the principles of the Bauhaus art movement including the unique, interconnecting letter formations of the word “Bauhaus”. This poster design did not exist prior to my creating it in 2016.

    My Bauhaus poster design is registered with the Copyright Office of the Library of Congress. Its Copyright Registration number is: VA00021345658 (VA 2–134-568)

    There have been many third parties who have copied and slightly edited my design by changing the date or by removing one or two graphic elements of my poster, however, none are transformative works of my design.

    As a professional graphic designer and art director (NBC TV for 35 years), I’ve designed Broadway posters, record album covers for major labels, book jacket covers for major book publishers, corporate logos and am a multiple Emmy Award winner for designs I created for television shows and programs. One of my specialties is creating original designs based on the style of art movements throughout history.

    If you’d like to use my poster in your article, please give me credit for its design: “© 2016 Martin Geller / Blue Lightning TV”. Thank you.

    If you any questions, please contact me at bluelightningtv@gmail.com

    Martin Geller


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