Waldina Week in Review

I have been using Momento, an app for iPhone for a while now. It is a journaling app that records everything that you post on your social media (Instagram, Twitter, etc), but also has a feature that you can add notes.  You can type or what I am into doing is doing a talk-to-text post. It is like my own little moment of therapy.  Saying things out loud are better than typing them. Oh, this is totally private and you couldn’t even share it if you wanted to. I like to talk into my phone while I am sitting in my car waiting for the ferry to arrive. If you are looking for a way to empty your head and keep track of all the junk that falls out of it, I suggest using the Momento app.

root of evil

This week, I listened to the I Am The Night podcast. It is the story of the Hodel family and the Black Dahlia. It is triggering, there should be a trigger warning for everyone. But push through it and the final episode mades it all worth it. The bottom line is that people can be pure evil and explode all over their family, murder upwards of 50 women, and get away with it if he is powerful enough. There are villains and heroes in the family and there is no redemption for the bad ones. They are just absolute garbage. But their children are strong badass humans that will give you hope and inspire you to keep on going long after you think you can’t. Because your hardships don’t match up to theirs.

chase darkness with meThis week, I listened to Chase Darkness With Me by Billy Jensen. It’s of course related to true crime. It’s his story taking his fascination with unsolved crimes and actually trying to solve them.

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