Waldina Week in Review

A friendly text from an unknown number inquiring how I am arrived a week or so ago. It addressed me by name and mentioned that we had not chatted since 2008. A perfect opportunity to use new phone, who dis? I don’t even know how many new phones I have had since 2008. I sheepishly asked who it was, he identified himself as a friend from summer camp. A friend I think about fairly regularly because I have a bowl he made out at the lake cabin. I think of him every time I see it. It took me a week, but I did finally dig around to see what he has been creating since the bowls behind the Fine Arts building at Interlochen. He is a photography professor at Stanford.

His work is stunning. His work is thought-provoking and thoughtful which should be no surprise as he reached out to a friend he thought of. Only people who are generous and caring go the extra step from thinking about someone to reaching out to them to let the person know they are thought of. You should see for yourself.

Jonathan Calmhttps://www.jonathancalm.com

Downtown or way up in the air When your heart's pounding You know that I'm aware

This week, I created a new music playlist on my phone. All the music is from a specific period of my life, each song reminds me of somewhere or someone or both. Each song creates a response in me, a rush of emotions, a flash of a face or a place, mostly each brings a painful joy. I pressed shuffle and “You Make It Easy” by Air started to play. The song is 21 years old. The lyrics transported me back today just as quickly and as completely as the first time I heard them. I am riding bikes with DW on Interlaken Boulevard through the arboretum.

This week, I watched the entire new season of Tales of the City on Netflix. It was released on Friday and I was done watching by Sunday around noon. I adore the original 1994 miniseries and remember feeling so very connected to the characters. The books are even better, which tends to happen. San Francisco is one of the main characters in the series and the city shines, draws you in, requires attention, and ultimately earns your love and loyalty. The time I spent in San Francisco, walking around the city alone, discovering little areas, and falling in love with the city put tears on my cheeks within the first three minutes. A lot of original characters return and a lot of new characters are introduced, but the story remains true. That of love and found family. You should watch it.

This last week, some of the birthdays I celebrated were Gilbert Baker, Alla Nazminova, Josephine Baker, Rosalind Russell, Joan Rivers, and Cole Porter. Next week, I will celebrate the birthdays of an explorer, a photographer, a film director, a few punk rockers, a diarist, and a few actors. Join me, won’t you?

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