Turn Back Time

Unless you happen to glance at the clock on your oven first before any other clock, you may just feel a bit more rested tomorrow morning.  Daylight Saving Time is pretty much non-news now, with phones and computers automatically correcting the time.  Unless that is, you utilized the extra “fall-back” hour for and extra couple rounds before last call tonight, and if you do, well played, well played, indeed.


 There are a few topics that I am always surprised that people have legit strong opinions about and one is Daylight Savings Time. To the point that I question if I am missing something and need to do some more research on the subject so I can form my own strong opinion. Then I read a few tweets and and decide that it is not my battle to fight. I just don’t have the passion behind it. Feel free to comment below if I am missing something.

For now, enjoy the extra hour of Saturday night drinking or Sunday morning sleeping or [insert activity].

I have no plans, but can predict that I will be waking up after the same number of hours of sleep, so it will be earlier as far as the clock is concerned. Then I will spend that extra hour wastefully watching youtube videos or something.

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