Waldina Week in Review

I had another drink last night. Two drinks in one week after five years of not drinking, I’m practically on a bender. This drink was a Gimlet at a Lebanese restaurant in the Junction called Phoenecia. My instructions were “the more herbaceous the better.” They have a herb-infused gin they make themselves, fresh limes, in a tumbler with ice instead of a martini glass kept it the perfect temperature. They also have great food. I had a steak last night and one of their pizzas the time before.the You all should go, but make it so I can still get in at least on a weekday. Back to the drinking. I also had almost an entire glass of Kirkland prosecco, but abandoned it. I will probably stick to gimlets for now. I can practice making them myself at home.

Do you use Spotify? I have been playing around with it because I was dissatisfied with the native Apple podcast application. Then they split it up and it may be better… But before the change, I started using Spotify, creating music playlists, and whatnot. I created a very large 80s mix you may like:

* *This link keeps vanishing from the draft, let me know if it vanishes and I will send it to you.

I have a few others that I am working on and will post them as they are completed.

This week, I was on the treadmill next to a woman that was walking like she was late to an appointment: hands above elbows and lots of swinging. Meanwhile, she was probably thinking “this guy is acting like he is on the longest runway ever.”

Other gym observations: A woman wearing Uggs on the treadmill. I guess she had to get her shuffles in.

This week on Instagram:

This week, I liked these videos on YouTube:

“The only difference between an Evangelical Trump supporter and an Atheist is the Atheist is honest about not following Jesus and ten times more likely to do so inadvertently.” – Betty Bowers

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