50 Questions Asked and Answered

Every birthday, I would update my “What I Have Learned So Far” post by listing the things I know to be true, the number being the same age I am turning. At some point, it became answering the same number of questions as the age I am turning ala Actor’s Studio. Below is the updated version, some are similar to the questionnaire I made last year. Here’s the updated answers for this year, a little bit more like the 73 questions from Vogue, same number as my new age.

vogue textvogue 2vogue 3vogue 4vogue 5vogue 6vogue 7vogue 8vogue 9vogue 10vogue 11vogue 12vogue 13vogue 14vogue 15vogue 16vogue 17vogue 18

iconfinder_instagram_3709561 (1)  iconfinder_twiter_3709568


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