What do you do when you stumble across a series of poems you wrote well over a decade ago in a dusty Google Drive folder? Dust it off, shine it up, and publish it for Kindle and paperback! The poetry is exceptionally personal, I had to reread and correct any technical bits while leaving it as unaltered as when it was written. Is it good? I am too close to it to say. I read through them, some I liked more than others, all of them I remember all the feelings that I was having, so I figure that I accurately captured the moment.

The pricing for Kindle and paperback is somewhat dictated by Amazon, it’s free in the Kindle Lending Library and the paperback version covers the cost of printing and rounded up to a tidy number. The book-nerd in me is most excited about having an ISBN and a barcode!

As most of us, we are looking for 2020 to be the year we take more chances, do things, try. So I got one in for January, I self-published my first book! Here are the links:

Snapshots (1)
Snapshots (1)








Thanks for clicking through. I will keep you posted of any newsworthy news. I am not awesome at self-promotion or any sort of promotion actually. If you have some tricks/tips you’d like to share, please do. I am excited to see where this little experiment goes.

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