Waldina Week in Review

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This is the week?

This week, I tweeted The Academy Awards (several times) stating my case as to why I should be the host of the the show next year.  Nothing will come of it, but I found it entertaining.

It kind of goes along with my commitment in 2020 to not just complain about social media, but to actively change it to what I see as better. Sure Facebook is the internet complaint box and Twitter is where people go to anonymously bully people. But if I don’t continue to create positive content, am I cosigning and normalizing the behaviors I dislike? There are plenty of reasons (seems like even extra this week) to just accept that the world is a dumpster fire that will never get any better. Or maybe I just needed a moment to regroup and come back fighting the good fight?

My birthday was on Monday. My 50th birthday to be exact. So there’s that. I don’t even really think about it now. A lot of worry for nothing, which is often the case. There were several fun posts in the 10:00am hour on Monday related to my birthday. You could take a read…

This week on Instagram for Scraps, he met a turkey on his walk. Why there was a turkey on the sidewalk in West Seattle, I have no answers.

We went to the ocean on my birthday, he loves running on the beach there.

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I outran every wave, but one. I love the ocean. #rescuedog

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Over on my Instagram, I only posted one photo (aside from the birthday selfie) celebrating David Lynch’s birthday.

But of course, there is a new thing I am doing. I make a post of a week’s worth of camera roll photos and it gets cross-posted everywhere. Here’s that:

This week on YouTube, I only liked one non-research video and it is Don’t it Make You Feel Good – Yazoo State Farm

Speaking of, we went to a pizzeria yesterday down on Alki and they were playing music that was probably played at one of my high school dances. Can an experience be both nostalgic and triggering? The Germans probably have a word for it.

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