Waldina Week In Review


This week, I self-published a book of poetry that I wrote well over ten years ago and recently found in a long-forgotten Google drive. It’s fairly simple to do. It was a bit of a challenge, getting the formatting correct and so forth, but once I figured it out, I was able to get it up on Amazon in paperback and kindle form. Exciting to think it’s there, frightening to think it’s there. Luckily, distance has made it easier to publish that amount of rawness. And I have even been receiving text messages and photos about it from people reading it. So it has been very cool. And the seal has been broken. Now that I understand how to do it, I have an idea for a serial (a serial seems less daunting than an entire huge fully-formed novel) published in chapters on Kindle.

In researching how to publish books on Amazon, I did a few test books that are just notebooks of blank pages.  Click on the images below to be taken to the detail pages,

 The whole list of books, including the book of poetry in paperback and on kindle can be found by clicking on “Books” on the menu bar or by clicking on the little book icon at the end of every post, or by visiting waldina.com/books. I am interested to see where I can take this.

This week on YouTube, I liked Saturday Night Fever • Night Fever • Bee Gees

I don’t tweet native tweets, all of my tweets are liking YouTube videos or cross-posts of website updates. I need to try harder. I kind of just want to make it about tweeting random companies funny things so their social media people have something interesting to do.

I really didn’t even do that much on Instagram this week. Aside from a few birthday celebrations, the above post of my This Week’s Camera Roll is about all I got.

iconfinder_instagram_3709561 (1)  iconfinder_twiter_3709568  iconfinder_Streamline-52_185072

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