Waldina Week in Review

Honestly, not much happened this week. I had an eye exam and am going to try contacts in a week or so. Seems like non-news, but it could be a bit deal. Here’s the thing: I am so tired of glasses. I don’t like how they are always smudged, I don’t like how they feel on the bridge of my nose, I don’t like how I have only a few (ok five) pairs that I have to rotate between, and finally, I am not super keen on wearing glasses being such a strong part of my identity. I am not a huge fan of being easily described. I am nothing if not contrary.

Looks like only one photograph survived this week’s camera roll, so I uploaded it to Instagram. Scraps and I went on an old walk through the woods and he remembered all the trails.

The rest of my Instagram activity was celebrating birthdays of people I found inspiring:

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Today is the 118th birthday of Thelma Ritter.  She wasn't in a movie until she was 45 years old (and then it was Miracle on 34th Street), and is proof that there are second acts in American lives and that it is never too late to start anything.  She is one of the actors that will make me want to watch the movie if she is in it, no matter how small. She perfected the working class voice of reason character that kept all the other characters from getting too out of touch. And if they did, she had no problem telling them so. Watch her in "Rear Window" and "The Misfits" and you will want to add every movie she is in to your Netflix queue. The world is a better place because she was in it and still feels the loss that she has left. #ThelmaRitter

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This week I liked only one video on YouTube.

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