Waldina Week in Review

I skipped last week. I had nothing. Well, that’s not entirely true. I had nothing that was on brand. Oh good, this is going to tie everything in nicely. Lately, what has been on the forefront of my mind is not on brand for here and I have been going back and forth between give ’em what they came here for and give ’em a real review. Obviously, I have defaulted to staying in my lane. Even thought I have carved out the tiniest of corners here on these review posts where I can do a bit more of whatever is on my mind, this is not my journal.

IMG_3902.jpgWhere it is perfectly legal for me to do a data-dump of my brain is into a journaling app I have been using for well over a year called Momento. Not only can you hook up any social media account and /rss feed that it will digest your daily activity, but you can also create specific entries just for Momento. I use the talk to text feature and basically have mini therapy sessions. As an example, some of my recent therapy post have been:

  1. The Microaggressions Awareness video I watched at work the other day only really made me aware about how shitty everyone is.
  2. The Trigger Awareness video I watched at work the other day only really made me aware of my own triggers and how often they get triggered.
  3. My brain has a way of letting me remember things when it thinks I can handle it maybe just a tiny bit before I can handle it.
  4. General complaining.

So in a way, you have the Momento App (non-sponsored) for keeping my weekly reviews and Facebook feed from being more complaint-boxy and overall Facebooky. Does that mean that people I’m next to in traffic and people that pass me on dog walks see me for real talking to myself? Oh, you bet.

I probably won’t publish this until Scraps and I get back from our shopping trip I have titled “All Things Aroura”. I want to go to a few thrift stores. I am looking for a bunch of vintage National Geographic Magazines I can use at work to raise my monitors. We are a humble non-profit, if I buy a fancy monitor raising thing, a woman experiencing homelessness doesn’t get fed. I mean, not really, those are very different budgets, but it’s a little thing we tell ourselves to remain frugal. Plus, I think it could look cool. I am hoping that a trip to a few thrift store could punch up my camera roll instagram post also.

This week on Instagram, I posted some pics of people whose birthdays I celebrated here and a pic of Scraps standing on a log. Also, this photo of me dropping our ballots in the mail. At the time of this publication, it is not official, but rumored that the candidate we voted for is possibly suspending his run. What is important is that we voted.

This week, I liked the new Orville Peck video for “Queen of the Rodeo”. I love his entire album.

Since the last Week in Review, there have been seven new subscribers. Welcome!

I probably won’t be checking in or updating the review on the sale of that little book of poetry I put up on Amazon at the end of January any more. Through physical books and Kindle downloads, it sold about 85 copies. Since I don’t have 85 friends and family members, that means strangers bought and read it. Very abstract thought. Then there is the Kindle Lending Library which looks like several hundred downloads, but I don’t know exactly how to track it. Anyway, it’s pretty cool. I wanted to do new things this year as often as possible. Starting out the year by publishing a book of poetry really set a difficult pac to keep. Flash to earlier last week when I almost made a Instagram Story of me making slime, but it seemed like such a let down from the book, I veto’d the idea.

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