Waldina Week In Review

Last week, I drafted/created/scheduled 90 posts of famous quotes by famous people. Some inspiring, some ridiculous. Starting tomorrow, every day at noon a new quotable quotation will be posted. I am trying to create more content in this time when your only safe interaction is your phone or computer. Tomorrow’s quote does not set the tone for the whole series, but it is a most-definitely a long-distance dedication to they-know-who-they-are (they probably don’t). OK, enough vagueness, it is a shout out to the losers getting in fights over Costco toilet paper and those displaying overall bad citizenship. It is a time for civility and community. If stockpiling supplies like you are a prepper on Supermarket Sweeps gives you comfort, have at it. Just observe the six foot social distancing ordinance and don’t punch people. You’re embarrassing yourself. After the apocalypse, when all that is left is cockroaches and the internet, those little guys will be watching videos of you and leaving YouTube comments like “LOL totes dumbass.”

How am I handling the current situation? I live in Seattle, one of the areas of the first and worst outbreaks, but I also live in Seattle, where social distancing is the norm. So, while it is strange and scary, it is really just kind of boring. I am still going to work every day, hardly anyone else is at the office, but I work for a nonprofit that supports women experiencing homelessness, so our work has gotten busier. There is no traffic on my way to work, I see maybe two or three people while there, there is no traffic on the way home.

What I am doing:

  • 10,000+ steps a day.
  • Meal planning lunches.
  • Incrementally increasing pushups.
  • Incrementally increasing crunches.
  • Watching all of Criminal Minds.

Watch, post, repost. Also, look at the account that posted this video. Republicans for the Rule of Law.

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