Waldina Week In Review

Some time last week, this blog hit 1,200 followers. Milestones should be celebrated or at least acknowledged. Very cool. There have been times recently where I have contemplated throwing in the towel on every social media everything. I am sure it’s because we have extra free time and are spending more of it on various platforms and are having our thoughts refreshed on how annoying they can be at times. It’s the whole reason I started this blog. I felt that the internet was becoming a giant complaint box. I started it as an exercise for myself to seek inspiration and beauty every day, to cut through the noise from all the link posts with dubious credibility and pointless troll comments. I just needed something that wasn’t all negative and even the most carefully curated Facebook and Twitter feeds can have a bit of rot on the corners. Especially Twitter. So, it’s nice to see that others are finding it interesting. I often say that if Waldina had a tagline it would be “Something for everybody and everything for nobody.” Meaning, throughout the week, you will find profiles you like, but you probably aren’t going to be interested in every single one. Sometimes, I’m even a bit lukewarm on them but I recognize their role and importance in the world.

I am always taking suggestions and have only a few eligibility criteria I attempt to follow:

  • More often than not, they are dead. Their story is written. There are exceptions for specific individuals, but most of them are dead.
  • They cannot be evil. There is a phrase that runs through my head when I am trying to determine if I should highlight someone: Love the art, hate the artist. It usually falls into victim vs. victimizer. If the individual had a problem with substance abuse or mental health issues compared to if the individual committed crimes against others. There are a lot of people that created great art, but their social skills sucked, I am talking prosecutable crimes. There are a lot of great true crime blogs and podcasts out there, I probably follow most of them.
  • Obscure oddballs to the front. If I at all worry about their stories being lost to time, I want to do my part to keep them known. They are also the stories that not everyone already has heard and in a way, are more fascinating because of it.

Please nominate someone in the comments and I will add them to the calendar. As you can see, I have also added in notable films on their premier dates, a few publication dates of books, and a whole series of quotes that are being published every day at 12:00pm Pacific until we are allowed to get haircuts again. Please nominate anything.

swing music 001This week, I received a five-hour audio file of KUOW’s Swing Years and Beyond and created a tab on my blog for it. Swing Years and Beyond was a program on our local NPR station for 49 years, airing on Saturday nights, playing Big Band and Jazz music from the 1920s to the 1950s. The coolest part is that the file came to me through a connection with the show’s last host. There are links to download the shows and save them to your computer or stream them from the post. You can get there by clicking HERE or just by locating it on the top menu of any page here. [I just got a message letting me know that there are a ton more coming, I will update as needed.]

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