Waldina Week in Review


This week in review. My camera roll. What we see on our new walks. #seattle

♬ What If – Johnny Orlando & Mackenzie Ziegler

This week, I joined TikTok. Mostly so I could just watch funny things. The quarantine has turned everyone into content creators and I am there for it. I watched one woman pour an airplane bottle of Fireball into her coffee whilst lip-syncing the voice of a little girl. Everyone is losing their minds being stuck in their houses. I have only posted videos of my dog running across fields and beaches. I am a TikTok consumer, not a TikTok creator. But, I am @TheRealSPA there, jut like everywhere else I am. I have also figured out I can create TikTok videos of my weekly camera rolls and then save them to my Instagram Stories (I think that they end up on Facebook too).

I am not going as crazy as some. Mostly because I work every day and most days drive to work, so I am getting out on those empty highways, traveling to an empty office inside and empty building, and full-conversation talking to myself all day. There is a giant stray cat that wanders around the parking lot most days and four or five Bellevue police vehicles have a 4:00pm meet up in the lower parking lot. That is my level of interactions.

Wanna know ten things that are really popular that I do not like? Trust me, you don’t. It’s a recipe for a Facebook fight. Everyone has too much time right now to start shit like that. They will respond, screengrab it, and post the ‘receipts’ back on Twitter to get you ‘cancelled’. Just keep it to yourselves that you don’t like the mouthfeel of okra.

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