Waldina Week in Review

An ongoing daydream of mine since I was a little kid was scenarios of what I would do if I was the last person or nearly the last person on Earth. It could be from watching old Twilight Zone episodes or any other post-apocalyptic movie that seemed to be popular in the early 80s. Would I syphon gas? Where would I live? Would I collect canned goods? Turns out that short of a full-fledged nuclear annihilation of the entire planet, we are living as close to Night of the Comet as we are going to. As it is, I drive to work alone and work in and empty office in and empty building. When I am outside, I avoid the masked individuals shuffling around the sidewalks (and they avoid me). I am stockpiling food. So far, the zombies seem more afraid of me than I am of them. So far.

Looks like the whole film is available on YouTube. Have a look, seems more like real life now. All it is is missing is the rampant day-drinking and TikTok.

And what about TikTok? I am 100% there for it. I am normally too busy working to spend too much time on it, but when I get a few minutes… Seriously. My #fyp is so creative and funny and gay and drunk. Sometimes all four, always at least three. Most of what I post there is Scraps-related. I did create a new one just for this week’s WWiR. I am @TheRealSPA there, just like anywhere else I am. Let’s drink some Whiteclaws and get stupid! See ya there!


i chronicle what inspires me over at Waldina.com. Here’s a recap of the week. Feel free to stop by. #classicfilm #fyp #blog #inspiration

♬ original sound – therealspa

So what else? How am I surviving during the whole thing?  I wanted to start drinking often and I have enough edibles stockpiled in our liquor cabinet to keep me high for months, but I just keep forgetting. A couple things I do remember to do every day is get in at least 10,000 steps (according to my watch), and do 100 pushups (according to my counting). I know, I am supposed to be un-showered, day drunk, and TikTok famous, but I just know that if I keep active, I will feel better. I did wear a swimsuit to the grocery store yesterday, but since I didn’t sleep in it the night before, I don’t even get a Pandemic Participant Ribbon.

Weekends are sort of slow, I only leave my place for dog walks and provisions. I have been adding a lot of film premiers to the calendar and thinking about creating a 31 Days of Holiday Movies series for December. As it is, the Words To Live By series runs through late June. I am increasing as much content as I can think of. Insight into my process: I have a Google calendar where I save birth dates, film premiere dates, and other notable dates. Then, I look through them a couple days ahead and plot out the week’s content. I usually prep them the night before and schedule them to publish around 9am the next day.

Please, feel free to suggest topics, historical dates, birth dates, film premieres, novel publish dates, anything. It just needs to be inspiring and interesting, but if it is those things to you, that is all the requirements I need.

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